Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I truly believe you and I are as capable of predicting the outcome of the NBA draft as the so-called experts.  The same information is available.  Information is sacred and no GM is telling a reporter anything.  It's the NBA, not the CIA!
1-Anthony Davis = DUH!  2-Bobcats go Thomas Robinson of Kansas.  Their top rebounder was Boris Diaw.  They need this guy.  3-Wiz-I'm thinking Bradley Beal of Fla, perhaps the top scorer in this draft to pair with John Wall in the back court.  They already have a nice young big in Javale McGee.  4-Cavs:  Is LeBron still available?  Then I'm saying Michael Kidd Gilchrist of KY.  Their defense stinks and this kid is tenacious.  5-Kings:  They're more likely than even Portland to screw up the draft.  They had the worst defense in the league.  Gotta go with Andre Drummond, the big from UConn.  6-Blazers:  I'm going with the flow.  Damian Lillard of Weber State.  Big Sky is a decent hoops league.  This guy can sting it and for all his handling of the ball, is pretty good in the turnover department.  7-Golden State:  Another horrible organization who lives in the lottery.  Take Dion Waters of the Cuse.  Kid is a beast who attacks the bucket like DWade.  8-Toronto Raps:  Why are they still in the league?  The Toronto Star's lead story today was Portugal/Spain in Euro Soccer.  They don't care about hoops.  Austin Rivers of Duke.  They'll care about him.  9-Pistons:  I hate the Pistons and hope they screw this up.  After some scanning I'm buying what I read in the Free Press.  John Henson of UNC for some killer "D".  10:  Hornets-With Davis at one do they desire more size?  Not enamored with Grevis Vasquez at the point and though he's non-traditional, they take Jeremy Lamb of UConn.  11:  Blazers again.  I think they should take Meyers Leonard of Illinois who got better and better as the season moved along.  I think the new GM Olshey will be more conservative & go name/school recognition with Ty Zeller.  12:  Bucks-traded Bogut last season and will go center.  If Portland takes Zeller they take Leonard.  If it's the other way around.  It's the other way around.  13: Suns-Their primary goal is to aggravate Matt.  If I'm right and Lamb goes to NOrl at 10, I'm saying Terrence Ross of Washington.  I think this kid is one of the can miss guys in this draft.  See how we do??

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