Friday, June 8, 2012

Down to the Wire, by Casey Mitchell

This is Casey Mitchell guest blogging for ST today. Four straight wins by the Oklahoma City Thunder over the Spurs have propelled them into the NBA Finals. The only question now is who their opponent will be. Looking at the first five games of the Heat-Celtic series, it was almost identical to the Western Conference Finals. Going back to Boston it looked like the series was all but lost for Lebron and the Heat, but never underestimate the power of Lebron James. With a 45 point - 15 rebound performance, James led the Heat to a 98-79 Game Six victory. Lebron was keyed in from the get go like I've never seen him before. He had a different attitude about himself that he had with Cleveland. He knew that their backs were against the wall and he just put the entire team on his shoulders. I don't care if Boston plays their best in Game 7, if Lebron James performs the way he did in Game 6, the Celtics might as well just pack up their bags right now. But  let's just say James doesn't drop another 45, a big component of this game will be Chris Bosh and his ability to make big plays. Bosh has been a non factor in his first two games back from his abdominal injury, but he will have to rise to the occasion in Game Seven in order to advance to the Finals. Although James and Wade have been the two superstars of the Heat this season, I feel that Bosh is the key to this teams success. When he is in, they just seem to have a certain type of rhythm that is very hard to stop once it gets rolling. Game Seven tips off on Saturday at 8:30 eastern time. I think that the Heat will come out with more intensity than the Celtics, and keep the foot on the pedal for 48 minutes. My prediction is Heat 101 -- Celtics 88.

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