Thursday, June 7, 2012


I wondered about the pulse of old Supersonics fans about this great run by the Thunder, now based in Oklahoma City.  I think it became clear last night.  After OKC roared by to eliminate the Spurs in game 6, I logged onto my Twitter account(@Sportstalk953) to chime in on the issue.  In a stunning development I offered up a few sarcastic comments to poke at the Seattle faithful.  I was told to "die in a fire"!  The bitterness & anger just exploded via social media.  I'm curious as to how this is playing in Portland as they watch a stud like Durant become arguably the league's best player while Greg Oden's career with the Blazers is over?
One fact that's key is folks saying Oklahoma City supporters haven't had to live through the rough years.  Don't forget, Portland got their franchise in 1970 and won it in 1977.  Pretty quick.  Sure, this is only the 4th season of the Thunder but in year one they did go 23 & 59 before getting progressively better each season.
Some MLB thoughts.  Anyone notice the Pirates have snuck above the .500 mark?  I didn't until this morning, and ironically they lost yesterday to the Reds.  They're doing it with the most anemic offense in baseball this side of Oakland, but the stingiest pitching & defense outside of Washington!  Breakout season to this point for big righty James McDonald.  This is just his 2nd healthy full season in the rotation.  Good stuff with about a kay an inning and his control has reached a career best.  He's allowed only 48 hits over his 71 innings of work.  See how he holds up during the fast approaching dog days.  Now in year two as the closer, Jack Hanrahan hasn't been hit by sophomore jinx with Bucs.  Well over a strikeout an inning, but some control issues with 12 walks over his 21 innings of work.  They have one legit stick in Andrew McCutchen.  Only batter hitting over .275 and an on base percentage higher than .330.  Can't imagine these shortcomings don't do them in, but good times in a great baseball city!

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