Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Did the Thunder win last night?  Did Miami lose?  Keep those facts in mind.  It's one game.  Erik Spoelstra and his braintrust have to figure a few things out.  Open, good percentage jumpers are okay, but settling like they did most of the 2nd half is fatal.  Lebron looks like he kind of gets it.  There were periods when he harkened back to last Finals and caved to pressure.  Then on occasion he seemed to understand the value of using his physical advantage and even got to the line 9 times.  Kevin Durant seems wise beyond his years.  The kid was magnificent with the money on the table.  I keep having the word "moxie" flash in my head.  There is a confidence we witness with elite athletes.  Tiger over a big 5 foot par putt.  Brady delivering a 3rd and 9 pass on the numbers in the red zone.  K.D has shown that type of high level brilliance pretty consistently this spring.  Russell Westbrook might be an entity unto himself.  Not sure we've seen a point guard quite like him with his athleticism, strength and upside.  He had 11 rebounds.  And 27 points.  Nick Collison made a tremendous contribution.  Really provided the West Champs with a jolt.  I'd be surprised if OKC lost any games where they score over 100.  That's my magic number.
"Goodfellas" is one of my all time favorite movies.  Always felt that should have captured best picture over "Dances With Wolves".  The lead character in the flick was Henry Hill played exceptionally well by Ray Liotta.  Hill died today at age 69.  Turned 69 yesterday.  Lived the life of a big time scum bag, ratted out his associates to save his own ass, went into witness protection and still lived a life of crime.  His loss makes the world a better place.  We're talking addition through subtraction.

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Hey Steve, Love the show. Listen whenever I can. Check out for the follow-up interview between Jim Rome and David Stern. Your Jersey sense of humor might like it.