Friday, July 27, 2012

Let's Make a Deal, by Casey Mitchell

This is Casey Mitchell guest blogging for ST today. With the trade deadline upon us there are still many teams that need to make a big trade before it's too late. Look for the Astros to continue to get rid of people and start over, and the same goes for the struggling Phillies. Over in the West, after the hamstring injury to Pablo Sandoval and the lack of production  on the first base side, look for the Giants to pick up at least one corner infielder before the deadline. With the Dodgers right on their heel, it will be important to counter the Hanley Ramirez trade. For all the teams looking for just a little boost, the two players that would be at the top of my list is Zack Greinke and Chase Headley. Both those players come from struggling teams and they would be a huge addition to any team that is in a tight race for the postseason.
When I saw that Ichiro was a Yankee, I could not believe my eyes. Even if it weren't the Yankees I would have been surprised but I have never pictured Ichiro in a New York uniform. Another move I was very surprised to see was Hanley Ramirez to LA, but it makes a ton of sense. Even when Dee Gordon returns to the Dodgers, he is not the offensive threat that Hanley Ramirez is. Although he is only hitting .251 on the year, he is still a career .301 hitter and he is the kind of player that is capable of hitting .330 the rest of the way.

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