Monday, July 30, 2012


This might be titled "catch up", but let's throw in a little "keep up"!  NBC is getting hammered for their coverage of the Olympics.  The tape delay when the games are held overseas has been a common theme, but this is the first time all the social media, especially Twitter has been so prominent.  You want to show action in prime time considering the gazillion dollars you spent for the exclusive rights?  Fine!  But do you really think the results are a secret?  Why not show some of the primo events live, then again for folks in the states who would not be able to watch until they get home from work in a more traditional sense?  Hopefully things will get better as the Olympiad moves along.  I'm not holding my breath.
Spent the weekend in Portland and caught my first Timbers soccer game.  It's a terrific scene.  The facility is terrific.  I hadn't been there since it was PGE Park at a Beavers Triple A baseball game.  I almost didn't recognize the place.  The passion of the fans is more European or South American.  Constant chanting and singing all game long.  I was there with my daughter & her boyfriend who live 3 blocks from the stadium and are crazy fans.  My wife was there as well.  Her love of soccer?  Not so much!  I had a great time even though the team is struggling, particularly on offense where they fell 1-nil to Chivas USA.  It's only their 2nd season in the MLS and when they improve and become a contender, it's gonna get even nuttier!
The sports world has been rocked by the apparent suicide of a young NFL player.  Titans reserve, O.J Murdock was found in Tampa outside of the high school he attended of a gunshot wound.  The team had reported he would not be at training camp to deal with a personal issue.  Really sad.  Just 25 years old.
On today's shows, we will cover some of what went down over the weekend, the all out beginning of NFL camps, your calls, our digressions and more.

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