Monday, July 23, 2012


Obviously the feedback will come from all angles on the punishment handed down this morning(Mon) by NCAA president Mark Emmert that blew up Penn State's football program.  The hammer has been dropped.  From my chair nothing is too severe.  Please never forget we're talking about aiding a child rapist.  Too much attention on football, the students, the players, or the community.  This is all about letting those innocent children, now eternally scarred young men, know we want to demolish all that made this possible.  So the Penn State football program won't win many games for a while.  Boo Hoo!  Who do you think will take longer to get over what happened?  The boys raped by Sandusky with the Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier and Tim Curley stamp of approval or folks in State College when Purdue beats them 38-17?  Finally someone is forcing proper priorities in this entire toxic situation! 
Major kudos to Desmond Howard of ESPN for understanding that it might not be completely fair to the current PSU players, but pointing out they still have choices on how to move forward, but the Sandusky victims had NO choice. 
With the understanding nothing touches Nittanyville for the story of the day, we will also hit on the Scott collapse at the British Open and in baseball, how bout them A's sweeping the Yankees in one of the best regular season series I've witnessed in a very long time!

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