Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh That! by ST

So they hired a GM and from my chair did well in the draft.  Let's see.  What's missing?  Oh right, a head coach!  This is one of the great oddities I can recall in sports.  Talk about losing sight of the basics.  The guys you select in the draft have no say, but if there was an actual system in place wouldn't that aid in attracting any level of free agent?  The latest name I read in the running to coach the Trailblazers is Patrick Ewing.  Retired as a player exactly a decade ago.  Primarily has been an assistant who works with fellow big guys.  My question is if qualified, wouldn't he have already gotten a head coaching gig?  Not flat out saying it would be a bad hire, but it begs the question of "what does new GM Neil Olshey see that no one else has"?
Just when you thought the injury bug had wiped it's hands of the Red Sox, down goes big bopper Big Papi!  Having a monster season and at times carrying this offense with the dings to Ellsbury, Pedroia, the trade of Youklis and more, he tweaked his heel on the big homer last night off the bat of Adrian Gonzalez.  Seriously, running out some one elses dinger injured himself.  Talk about a curse! 
Looking forward to the British Open starting late Wednesday/early Thursday.  We've hit that "almost" period.  Nearly time for all NFL camps to break, along with the countdown to media day and the beginning of summer practice for Oregon.  Throw in the Olympics about 10 days off and the MLB trade deadline 2 weeks away, it's nice to have a big time event to follow and ignite passions among sports fans.  Tiger is the favorite.  I guess no one else is more logical, but I'd anticipate a wide open affair bringing us more than a handful of contenders come the back nine Sunday.  Royal Lytham in Lancashire is a pretty unique track as it's the lone course in the rotation where you can't see the ocean or Irish Sea.  David Duval captured his lone major when the Open last passed this way in 2001, just prior to 9-1-1.  Legends like Bobby Jones, the last Brit Tony Jacklin and Seve Ballesteros(twice) have taken home the Claret Jug from this venue.  The last 3 times it's been held here the winners have been -10, -13 and -11.  The current weather says this is more likely to harken back to Seve's first victory in 1979 at one under.  Either way, it's something I'm looking forward to.  Enjoy it all!

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