Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I'm pretty easily pleased.  Just a happy go lucky kind of guy.  It's British Open week.  I love to sit at my desk in our luxurious studio, flip on the tube, work away at preparing a radio show and watch a major event.  It's my firm belief that the sports gods like me a lot!  I just saw a poll that revealed 39% would take Tiger Woods over the field to win this thing.  I consider that kooky talk.  I think he has a shot, but not 2 in 5.  Maybe 1 in 20 right now.  I'll be the first to admit choosing the winner of a major right now is as big a crap shoot as any period in the history of the game.  Beginning with Paddy Harrington at the 2008 PGA, we've witnessed 15 different winners of the majors.  As a sports fan how do you not love that.  On today's show I'll gauge the preference of fans to go for the dynasty or big name over the wild card champion.
As of this writing, the ESPN site has it's 2 lead stories focused on the Knicks deciding not to match the Houston offer for Jeremy Lin.  I think that's a bit much don't you?  He turns 24 in a month and has played 65 career games.  Isn't he more of an ex-factor than a proven commodity?  Does he warrant this much attention.  Here is a non-negotiable fact.  Over the last dozen years, the New York Knickerbockers do nothing right.  Perhaps that bodes well for Jeremy and the Rocket faithful.
Frank Schleck of Luxembourg is a cyclist.  He's taking part in the Tour De France.  He failed a test for a banned substance.  He's asked his "B" sample be tested and has threatened to file a complaint against a person he failed to identify for "poisoning".  Hearing the excuse factory for those who get nailed for doping has become a mini-pastime of mine.  It's provides as much comic relief  for me as my favorite sitcoms, stand-ups or comedy movies.  I always have to ask.  Does the culprit actually believe their complete and total Bull-hooey?
I just heard former Penn State president Graham Spanier has dropped his lawsuit against Penn State.  He does realize that if you might be going to jail for being a heartless scumbag, bringing legal action against another won't get you off the hook right?  The gall of these people is unending!

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