Thursday, April 15, 2010


Love the heck out of this time of year. With the NBA & NHL Playoffs overlapping with the early going in Major League Baseball, starting on Saturday, each day is kind of like the 1st 4 days of March Madness. Games, games, games and more games.
With last night's results we've learned the Trailblazers will square off with the Suns in the 1st round. This is not what you'd call a rivalry series, but it could be one of the most entertaining. By the way, how much better would Portland fans be feeling if the name Kevin Durant was called back on June 28, 2007 instead of Greg Oden? Hopefully Brandon Roy will be able to go at least at 75% or I think they're dead in the water. FYI....this set will be the last to get rolling with the opener set for Sunday night at 7:30. With the questionable status of their best player, the national media and 71% of the fans in a recent ESPN poll are leaning towards the Suns. These teams met 3 times during the regular year with Portland winning twice, but one was in December. Most recently, on March 21st in the desert, the Suns won 93-87 flexing some rare defensive muscles. Prior to any predictions, folks might make a note of Phoenix center Robin Lopez. He will not play in this series with a back injury according to coach Alvin Gentry. That hinders their depth, but perhaps not their quality as they've won 8 of the 10 he's missed, including huge stretch run victories against Denver on Tuesday and at Utah last night. We'll obviously have a bunch more on the NBA playoffs today and tomorrow on SportsTalk.
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When was the last time Phoenix and Portland met in the post season and what was the result?

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