Monday, April 26, 2010


No question the process itself was a cluster(fill in the blank). At the end of the day I think Oregon landed a heck of a coach. Perhaps he's the ying to Ernie Kent's yang. No one was a better salesman or ambassador for Oregon basketball. No one even remotely approached his accomplishments at his Alma Mater. The knock was actual in game x's & o's. I think that was debateable but no question Dana Altman has a rep for coaching the heck out of his guys during the 40 minutes of game time. If we had access to a real life rewind button and the day after Coach Kent was dismissed we saw Coach Altman on a short list of candidates, the knowledgable college hoop fans would have been okay with that. Unfortunately we had the fantasy land merry go round with ridiculous names like Izzo or Donovan skewing peoples view of reality regarding this program. From my chair, Creighton plays in the best mid major conference, the Missouri Valley. Top to bottom it smokes the West Coast Conference(Gonzaga), and the Horizon(Butler). I think it's a solid hire and look forward to watching D.A do his thing.
I attended my first UO baseball game as a fan with my wife on Saturday, the O.T loss to USC. Each time I've been to a game at PK it's been on press row so I got a true taste of the experience. The seats are awesome, great view of the game from every reserved chair. The prices are off the charts nuts. Are you kidding me? At least when you get soaked at a pro venue like Safeco or Yankee Stadium you understand there are multi million dollar salaries to pay. My concern is for the guy in the street struggling to pay the bills unable to afford a day at the yard with his kids to watch their beloved Ducks. Finally, if I'm nuts enough to fork over $6 for a beer, I should be able to enjoy it at my seat. Truth be told, I was a bit put off by certain aspects of the whole thing. I'm spoiled, I can go to every game for free, drink coffee, stay warm and watch baseball. My concern is outpricing the fans, the heart and soul of Duck athletics.

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JoeDuckEugene said...


You are always a voice of reason, regarding the coaching and the prices. Let's hope someone at UO takes a listen and drops some of those prices for us average folks. Needless to say, I have not been able to afford a day at the yard with my kids - something I did quite a bit at the old Em's stadium. I just hope the new Em's won't outprice me as well.

Go Ducks!