Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm not stunned the Eagles traded Donovan McNabb. The NFL is the most cut throat league when it comes to personnel because of their salary structure. Roster bonuses and dollars due near the end of contracts lead to these situations. Donovan won 9 playoff games for Philly and posted a really strong 92-49 & 1 record as a starter. He guided them to the NFC title game 5 times but got to Super Sunday just once. Still not sure this was the right move. Dallas isn't great. They're making some moves and still lack a legit #1 money receiver, plus I'm not sold Tony Romo is a championship caliber QB. The Giants have a ton of issues on defense and are off a mediocre 8 & 8 season. The Eagles would have been my lock pick to win the East. Then you have the fact they traded him to a major rival, the Redskins. I've heard folks rant about the new starter, Kevin Kolb(as in corn on the). He played well in beating the Chiefs, a league doormat early last year. Threw for nearly 400 yards against the Saints, but it was in a 48-22 blowout loss where he put it up 51 times. He's an unproven commodity. This team has weapons for sure so this makes it even more interesting to follow the NFC East in 2010.
We find out who is the 2010 National Champ in men's college hoops tonight. I had Duke making the final game from the go, losing to Kansas so no reason to back off now. From a betting perspective we absolutely stole the Butler game Saturday against Michigan State. Bulldogs were a 1 1/2 point favorite. They were head by 3 with 2 seconds left when MSU's Korie Lucious went to the line for 2 shots. My buddie and I were sure he'd try to make the 1st and miss the 2nd so a simple defensive rebound would have iced it. Splash, clang, rebound Gordon Hayward, cover the spread. Then I had Duke -2 1/2 over West Virginia and they waxed them pretty good. Sometimes in these huge stadiums teams need time to adjust their shot. That wasn't the case Saturday night for the Blue Devils, they literally never lost their stroke dropping 53% of their shots. I think they keep it going and the move is lay the 7 1/2 this evening.
Was watching the season's 1st major on the LPGA. Yani Tseng rolled to a rock solid victory, her second major. What struck me was the reaction of fellow players after she tapped in for the win. Morgan Pressel, Christie Kerr, Christina Kim and a hand ful of others sprayed her with champagne, high fived and hugged the heck out of her. You never, ever see this on the PGA tour. It's the other guy in the final group with his caddie offering a handshake. I thought it was the essence of what's great in sports. Sportsmanship!

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