Friday, April 30, 2010


As we hit the Spring Game tomorrow and from my chair, shelve college football until late Summer I have a confession. As a fan I'm really pissed at Jeremiah Masoli. I've read all the pre season polls which have the Ducks ranked really high. Sweet. What does it mean? Just a year ago we saw the USC juggernaut slip with an inexperienced, albeit talented quarterback running the show. If Masoli wasn't a thief and a punk who had to be booted for 2010 this team is a national title contender and the clear favorite in the Pac 10. The whole O-line is back along with just about all their skill aside from Ed Dickson. First time starters can succeed. We saw it in 2008 with Masoli. But win a major conference? Win a national championship? I know at the collegiate level guys are kind of limited as to what they can say publicly or risk getting hammered by their head coach. If I were an Oregon player, I'd be seething at what this guy might have cost us. Oddly a first time starter won the title with Greg McElroy at Bama but he had the Heisman running back and the best defense in America.
Otherwise it was Colt McCoy a senior at Texas, a 2nd yr starter in Terrell Pryor, the Boise State stud Kellen Moore, Andy Dalton was a 3rd year starter at TCU, Tim Tebow, just do the math. National Championship opportunities at a place like Oregon were once an impossible dream. 9 years ago it was lost to Stanford and the idiot BCS system. In 2007 it was Dennis Dixon's knee. In 2010 it was easily avoidable and inexcusable! Remember, if you're attending the game, pack those canned goods for Food for Lane County. Kick off time is 2pm, Justin, Ryan and I will bring you the pre-game on KUGN beginning at 1pm. Enjoy the weekend.

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