Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Read and heard today that Tiger Woods schedule is expanding. After his disappointing(his words) 4th place finish in the Masters, he'll next tee it up at Quail Hollow in Charlotte a week from Thursday. Next up will be the TPC the very next week. It's all part of his prep to play the US Open at one of his favorite venues, Pebble Beach, in June. I think this also means the reports that his marriage is toast is true. No way he's getting back to a regular schedule if he's working on things with Elin he's not focused on his game. For the record how the heck can any self respecting woman take this pig back. Just considering the diseases he might have caught with his laundry list of skanks. Okay, enough gossip.
Last night's blowout loss at Phoenix was not completely out of left field for the Blazers. In the Game one victory, the Suns shot poorly and they are an excellent shooting team. Between Grant Hill, Jason Richardson and Jared Dudley, they shot a mason like 7 of 28. In last night's series equaling win, they hit 23 of 31. We're talking a combined 22 points upgraded to the combined 53 they contributed in the win. This isn't rocket science. So the optimist sees a split on the road which is huge returning to a difficult venue like the Rose Garden. I still say in the end, they will miss Brandon Roy a bit too much to survive this series. I hope I'm wrong.
Short show today as we have Ducks @ Zags to wrap that series. Looking forward to the guys returning home for USC this weekend.

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