Thursday, April 29, 2010


Just read a piece online that says the Yankees are NOT the most hated team in baseball. Yeah, right! Using some ridiculous formula the Nielsen Company has determined it's the Cleveland Indians. Really? Are you kidding me? As a Yankees fan I'm almost insulted. Next you're gonna tell me the most hated team in the NFL is the Carolina Panthers. I was pleased to see the Red Sox were the 2nd most hated. I can't imagine they don't deserve the top spot. Their fans have become the most obnoxious, band wagon filling bunch of clowns I've seen since the glory days of the 49ers.
Heard Luke Ridnaur singing the praises of our new head basketball coach on Doug Gottlieb's national radio show on ESPN this afternoon. Rid claimed he's pumped about the hire, despite it's delay and has heard nothing but good about Dana Altman. We have our first chat with the new hoops boss at 4:25 on today's show. Looking forward to his Sportstalk debut.
I still have a couple of pair of tickets to this weekend's series at PK Park with Washington State. E-mail the correct answer to the following to me at to get in the drawing.
We're well aware that Coach Altman arrived in Eugene via Creighton. Well name the Baseball Hall of Famer who was a 2 sport high school star in Nebraska and actually earned a basketball scholarship to Creighton. Be careful you don't dig in too far with your answer or he might plunk you.

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yummwrapper said...

Nice I know this answer, those tickets are mine. I guess I'll be enjoying a beer at PK park this weekend. Thanks Steve!