Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Just read the ESPN experts poll on the early favorites for this season's Heisman Trophy. Stanford's Andrew Luck is out front with Oklahoma QB Landry Jones a sort of close 2nd. Oregon's LeMichael James is 3rd. I'm not dismissing that trio but I didn't see Darron Thomas on the list which went 11 deep. Here this now for the 1st time. DT is going to New York as a finalist. LMJ is a magnificent college back but I don't see him duplicating last season. Kenyon Barner will have a more substantial role and with the line needing to gel, Thomas will be throwing more. If you've read in between the lines, I think Chip Kelly has said as much. DT was off the charts as a rookie and his demeanor since Auburn shows me a guy who has merely scratched the surface. When the dust settles and he is walking off the field after Oregon's Bowl game for the 2012 season, we will have to re-work the all time QB list and work from D.T. down. MARK MY WORDS!
Please read the story about the employees from Earnhardt Racing who got busted for trafficking weed. One of the guys was described as a front tire changer. Wow! That's specific and obviously he can't handle the rear. Just struck me as funny.
Great night in the big league's last night despite some misery for fellow Yankees fans. As the old catch phrase sung, "pennant fever, catch it"!

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