Friday, August 12, 2011


I'm sure giving my web surfing talents and connectivity a workout. Right now I have the PGA on the TV, Dan Patrick on the studio monitor and 3 different internet windows open. I've actually been reviewing night one of the NFL exhibition season. I look forward to sharing what I've learned about the Arizona receiving corps, Raven's Oline, and what to make of Denver.
I heard Stephen A Smith sitting in for Colin Cowherd this morning. Could the guy have any less knowledge and still thrive in this business. Was making a point about Ryan Mallet, the back up QB to Tom Brady in New England. Said don't get too excited about his performance because once upon a time Matt Cassel stepped in for an injured Brady, played well and we haven't heard from him in years. WHAT!!! The guy was the starter for the Chiefs last season and took them to the playoffs. Smith should stick to screaming his uninformed opinion about hoops. What a joke.
As New York closer Mariano Rivera has struggled this week with 3 consecutive awful performances I've been asked what this means. Easiest question ever. He's suddenly mortal or slipping and they're dead in the water for 2011. Yanks win 2 ways. Bash you into submission with their lumber or get to Mo to shut the door in the 9th. There is no plan B. They have just 5 complete games because the starting is shaky.
It's been just 3 holes but Tiger looks like his troubles are not going away but he will for the weekend. Bunker off the tee on #1 but he makes a save. Then on #3 he's sitting mid-fairway with an 8 iron and has to make a testy 4 footer for par. He's even, but has to go low, like 66 to make the cut. It's 11:38 am right now, let's see how the prediction turns out.

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