Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Let's take a trip back in time. Elementary school. It's getting close to Christmas or summer break, the class is getting restless and the teacher's patience is severely tested. Finally, Ms. Maschio loses it. The next one who steps out of line is going to be sorry. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Miami. The UUUUUUUU! Big time football programs have been running amok, breaking rules, thumbing their noses at the powers that be. USC got popped. Ohio State. North Carolina as well. You sense Mark Emmert and the big wigs sitting in their mahogany offices saying, "who's next"? Now they get a scandal that appears to be gift wrapped. No he said she said but documented violations that likely can't be denied. This is their chance to change the game. If the Caines don't get the death penalty, it should be close. Most of the horses have been out for a while, but that doesn't mean you don't shut the barn door to keep those left behind and send the proverbial message.
Eli Manning says he's in Tom Brady's class as far as elite quarterback. Some would spend time and effort rolling through numbers, won/loss records or various ratings. Not me. Dear Eli, NO YOUR NOT!
9 days ago I wrote there were 13 teams in the respective pennant races. It's now 12. The Cardinals have dropped out. They've allowed the Pirates to wreck their shot. The Brewers are gonna win that division. They have a 7 game lead. Their pitching will not let them collapse especially against a St. Looey team who lacks in many areas. RedBird fans can now start growing those worry lines about the fate of Albert Pujols who is a free agent when the regular season ends.

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