Monday, August 22, 2011


The baseball season began with a near fatal beating of a fan at a Dodgers/Giants game in LA. This past weekend it was a shooting at a Niners/Raiders game in San Fran. In that game, another victim surfaced after getting beaten in the bathroom. Some feel alcohol is a factor and perhaps it's time to limit or "dry" out stadiums during sporting events. I'm a pretty big party guy and love to have a frosty, cocktail or glass of vino but don't tailgate and really never have. Obviously the past 3 years doing the pre & post game for the Ducks it wasn't possible but I was always confused about getting so lit you could barely remember the actual game. It happened to me once, the Stanford home game back in 95. I woke Sunday morning in a bit of a fog, remembered Oregon had lost, but was fuzzy on the details. I decided I was a total idiot to spend all that cash on tickets then forget about the main reason I was there. I can't imagine it will ever happend but I'd love to see a total ban on booze at all sporting events, or a very, very high tech minimum. Maybe a ticket could be broken into 3 segments. One gets you in and the other two mean 2 drinks. Easy question. The dumb ass drunk screaming obscenities, slurring their words and driving home after enhances the game how?? That clown is in a contest with the moron yelling "get in the hole" on every golf shot and a few other as the most worthless losers who attend ballgames. We will conduct a survey on Crunchtime & Sportstalk this afternoon.
Might be some serious problems for LSU as a quartet of players involved in that bar room brawl have hired a lawyer before they tell their side of the story to the cops. The focal point is starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson. Two of the other 3 have never seen the field. Back up offensive lineman Chris Davenport saw minimal action as a redshirt last season on the defensive side of the ball. FYI. By the way, if reports are true and these rocket scientists got into a fight because they were blocking a parking lot exit and someone beeped their horn, then they're in the mix for biggest moron of the week.

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