Thursday, August 18, 2011

Off the Field Issues, by Casey Mitchell

The U

I'm sure by now all of you have heard about the recent allegations surrounding the Miami Hurricane football program. Former Miami booster, Nevin Shapiro, who is now serving 20 years in prison claims he treated over 72 players to prostitutes, cars, money and other gifts from 2002 to 2010. Worst case scenario would be the death penalty. The only occasion the NCAA has given out a death penalty was to the SMU program. I don't think the punishment will be that harsh because the NCAA told SMU to stop giving players money, and what do ya know? They kept paying the players. Another big reason why this is such an issue is because they went through 5 coaches in the span of the reported improper benefits. The NCAA has said that all of the punishments have been laid out on the table, and Miami could receive any punishment possible. I don't think this problem will be going away any time soon.


We could see Terrelle Pryor playing for another team in a matter of days. The NFL declared Pryor eligible for the Supplemental Draft, but he must sit the first five regular season games. The Draft was originally scheduled for the 17th but it will now take place on August 22nd. Pryor can play in the Preseason as soon as he is drafted and signs with his new team. One thing I'm sure that has Terrelle Pryor thinking of is that a QB hasn't been taken in a Supplemental Draft since 1992. But with all of the hype surrounding this decision by the NFL, I think he will be drafted. Pryor was suspended by the NCAA for accepting improper benefits, but compared to this Hurricane scandal, what Pryor did was just a dot on the radar screen

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