Monday, August 29, 2011


Do people actually pay attention? Does the word oblivious register? Did all those lemmings really follow their idiot leaders off a cliff? I'm saying no, no and yes. Have been listening to lot's of NFL talk and it's amazing how many people are talking about the Detroit Lions and the playoffs. Yes, for certain, cue up Jim Mora! It's the Freaking Lions. The Lions! Name another franchise who incites laughter aside from maybe the LA Clippers of the NBA like these clowns. Whoops, they did have a winning record as recently as 2000. Their last playoff victory was 20 years ago. The first Bush was still in the White House. I get that the NFL is the turnaround league and with the salary cap, the lockout and other factors, the odd can become routine. But Detroit? Matt Stafford missed 13 games last year. The year before as a rookie a mere 6. Guy is made of balsa wood until proven otherwise. Lot of assuming going on for those supporting the Motowners. Whoops, I did forget they're 3 & 0 in the exhibition season because that has true meaning. Stafford was even talking crap after beating the Patriots over the weekend. He says they're not making mistakes. Dude! Your franchise is a mistake. I'm thinking they're 1 & 3 before they host the Bears on October 10th. Now I'm actually rooting against them.
Tiger Woods used to dictate policy. When's he teeing off? Whose he playing with? Is he even playing in this tournament? Now in the wake of his personal plummet he'll play the Open a bit south of his old stomping grounds at Stanford in early October. He's gotta get out there for sure and I'd be the first to applaud this decision, but it just goes to show where he is as we speak.
It's game week. It's a beautiful thing. Love this time of year!

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