Monday, July 18, 2011


It was one of the most confusing weekends I can recall. The focus from the world of sports was SPORTS! What was happening on the pitch, the diamond or the course ruled. No rants against the NFL commissioner, no worrying about who isn't playing in the All Star game or off field nonsense. I know issues outside the scoreboard surfaced(Cedric Benson), but it was about some terrific action and entertainment. I also loved the fact that the relatively secondary sports captured us. Let's face it, prior to 2 weeks ago, how many members of the US Women's soccer team could you have named? Golf fans know Darren Clarke, but the casual fan in this country probably weren't familiar with our new British Open champ. Throw in some outstanding performances in MLB by guys named Daniel Hudson and Josh Reddick and the 'newness' feeling was dynamite!
Just read that Nolan Ryan, current president of the Texas Rangers was rushed to the hospital with heart issues. Gotta send out our best wishes to Mr. Express. Terrific baseball man who is sick and tired of how organizations baby young pitchers. He, along with ESPN's outstanding analyst Orel Hersheiser are pushing to alter this approach from high school on up. Nollie underwent a major bypass procedure about 11 years ago and apparently has a family history of troubled tickers. Enjoy your Monday.

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