Friday, July 8, 2011


Word has hit that Ohio State is now vacating all it's wins from last year for using ineligible players. They've also offered up a 2 year probation period which means harsher penalties should any additional wrongdoing occur. This is their final way of offering up a sacrificial lamb into the volcano to appease the Gods or throwing themselves on the mercy of the NCAA court. Let's review the checklist. Fire the coach. Suspend the players. Erase the wins. Impose probation. Now we see if the powers that be buy it or hit them with the infamous "lack of institutional control".
In a stunning development, Will Lyles showed up again. Today it was an article by Joseph Duarte of the Houston Chronicle. Says his recruiting business is toast and he's been turned down for jobs outside of football for being unethical. Regardless of the Oregon role in all this, if HE broke the rules, cry me a river.
Derek Jeter is now just 2 hits shy of the magical 3000 hit mark. I was kicking around the most appropriate manner it should happen. The classic inside out swing for a knock to right field. A rope in the gap for a stand up double. Legging out an infield hit deep in the hole at short. Or will he go against the grain and take the pitcher yard in a big situation keeping alive his tradition of doing whatever is necessary to help the Yanks win??
Been a year since the idiotic made for TV Lebron James decision. I saw a poll ask if he made the right choice leaving Cleveland. Really? Got within 2 wins of a title and that's even a question. Please! Enjoy the weekend.

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