Friday, July 15, 2011


Don't you just love playing that game about 6 degrees of seperation which for some reason involved actor Kevin Bacon? You mention a guy and try to make a connection within 6 steps. I was thinking of this after the news of the Clemens mistrial and the recent suspension of outstanding ESPN writer Bruce Feldman. Stick with me.
The Clemens proceedings ended because the judge would not allow certain testimony which could lead jurors to find Roger guilty via association with other juicers. In the Feldman case, he was suspended by ESPN for his role in the intriguing book by Mike Leach who was dismissed as Texas Tech football coach. He allegedly mistreated Adam James, the son of ESPN analyst Craig James. Turns out Adam is a typical rich kid, entitlement plan punk. Craig comes off as a helicopter dad, always hovering, trying to get in the coaches ear to get his mediocre(at best) son some playing time. I'm sure coaches at all levels are just dying to get mom & dad's input on how to do their jobs. I'm calling out James using my guilt by association theory. He was one of the top guns at SMU when the Mustang players were getting wads of cash & perks which eventually led to the NCAA doling out the death penalty. Turns out Feldman has been reinstated by ESPN, but shame on them regardless. This was a complete and total disgrace!

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