Friday, July 1, 2011


With his semi-final victory at Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic has climbed to the top of the world tennis rankings. This just in. The best player on earth, bar none is Raffy Nadal. The world golf and tennis rankings have now pulled alongside quarterback rating as the most annoying, meaningless numbers in sports. Money on the table, all things equal, who you betting on?
Here in the Big Apple obviously the huge story is Mets/Yanks for the weekend, another subway series if you will. They're treating Jose Reyes like he's the 2nd coming. Guy has put together a sweet season, but it's a contract year and if we've learned anything in this era of free agency, do NOT evaluate a player based on his top statistical performance. Reyes is really good, end of conversation. They throw big dollars at him and the franchise gets set back another few years. The New York Mets do not succeed when they play Yankee or Red Sox ball and try to improve the club via that method. From Shea Stadium to their current home at Citi Field, the Mets win when they come at you with home grown pitching, defense and a team designed around a spacious, hitter hating ball yard. They can supplement with the occasional trade or mid level free agent, but when they throw money to fill holes, it fails. From Bobby Bonilla to Johan Santana, it just doesn't work out.
Read that the newcomer to the temporary upper crust of the PGA, Robert Garrigus, copped to smoking weed during his early days as a pro on the Nationwide Tour. Naturally in this day of bus tossing, he added that lot's of guys sparked up. This was before drug testing. So we're supposed to be surprised that young guys getting their first taste of big dollars, on the road, playing a game partied a bit. Stunning!
It's my last posting until we return to the Pacific Northwest for Tuesday's show. Have a terrific Independence Day, my favorite holiday of the year. Be well.

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