Monday, July 11, 2011


Lot of talk about what any of us would have done if Derek Jeter's 3000th hit via homer landed in your lap. It's easy to sit here as a lifelong Yankees fan and huge DJ fan and say I would have given it back. Hmmm. So you're telling me it's value would pay off my mortgage? From a small amount of equity to outright ownership pushing the net worth of my wife and I about 2 1/2 times what it is now? Hypothetically we all do the right thing, would the reality be different?
Regardless, how about Jeets going yard as part of a 5 hit day that not only included #3k but the game winning knock in the 8th. Sweet. I'll make a case that he's on the all time, all time list, all sports.
If I hear another broadcaster or media type lump the US Women's thrilling victory in the World Cup on Sunday in with things like The Miracle on Ice or even the Women's 99 World Cup championship, I'm going to lose it. People! It was a quarterfinal game. Terrific, entertaining, clutch, but it gets them to the semi's. Jeez!
So Pac Man Jones got arrested again. Claims he was innocent. Is he the all time "boy that cried wolf" athlete? It's never his fault. This chucklhead is one of those people who never gets that THEY are the common denominator in all the troublesome situations that consistently happen in their lives. My favorite story was when he was about to meet with the commissioner after being involved in a strip club melee that led to a shooting and a man getting paralyzed, he was told to stay out of those places. So he's in New York the night before the meeting and went to a strip club. Told reporters he wanted to get something to eat. Right. In Manhattan you usually head for the sleazy bars for a great meal. What a loser!

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