Wednesday, July 27, 2011


With the lockout settled, the Cowboys cut receiver Roy Williams. Been in the league 7 yrs, had one high caliber season. Dallas owner Jerry Jones who convinced himself he's a quality general manager, pulled the trigger on the deal getting Williams from Detroit in the middle of the 2008 season. They gave up 3 draft picks. I'm constantly amazed by people who have success in one field and think it carries over to another. Jones had success when a brilliant football mind, Jimmy Johnson, was running his franchise. It's been limited since. In case you wondered, they've won a single playoff game since the horses like Aikman and Emmit Smith retired. That's on Jones. As a lifelong New York fan and Dallas hater, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Lot of talk about last night's unsettling ending to Pirates/Braves. 19th inning. Play at the plate. The runner, Julio Lugo was out by a mile but umpire Jerry Meals called him safe. How a pro official could miss this call is obscene. It's why baseball needs replay. Save the purist crap. American society is, in essence based on replay. It's why we don't make an arrest and hang the alleged culprit on the spot. We REVIEW the facts and render a decision. At this point, I find anyone on the other side of this debate a fossil stuck in the moron's paradise! Just as key, Atlanta's stud catcher, Brian McCann went on the DL after a throw to 2nd caused a strained back.
FYI....check out the front page of this website to hear parts one and two of Chip Kelly's segment during yesterday's Pac 12 media day in LA. Enjoy!

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