Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Just watched the American women finish off France 3-1. The game saver from Saturday, Abby Wambach knocked in a header to make it 2-1 late, then the youngest player on the squad, Alex Morgan made a sweet run & goal to ice it. Team USA is vying to become the 1st team ever to lose a match and win the Women's World Cup. I'm guessing ESPN is having a new poll and this will replace Christian Laetner's catch and shoot to beat Kentucky as the 10th most dramatic moment in sports history.
I read the piece about the Steelers James Harrison rant in the magazine "Men's Journal". Tore into the commissioner, ripped his quarterback, top running back then of course, backed off and said the reporter twisted his words. Right! I could care less what this clown thinks but I love when these guys put their ignorance on display. Harrison called Roger Goodell a puppet and a dictator. Yo! Dude! Pick one. Can't have both. Guess he failed both sociology and history at Kent State. And of course to cement the fact he's a witless child, had to throw in the gay slur.
Back in the day(when exactly is that?), Joe Namath wrote a book titled "I Can't Wait Till Tomorrow Cause I Get Better Looking Every Day". Well, I'm looking forward to Thursday so we can get a full slate of major league baseball and the start of the British Open. Yay!

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