Thursday, November 10, 2011


I'm really proud of the callers, texters, and emailers the past 3 days. We only averaged one complete and total moron per day. The 1st had the audacity to act as if the players getting prepped to play Nebraska should get priority. Really? Over innocent children raped? Then some yo yo said they're tired of Joe Paterno getting vilified. Dude, that's what happens to VILLIANS! Supposed men who sit idly by while kids are getting molested are evil. No excuses. Then the topper to close yesterday's(wed) show. Some rocket scientist felt it was time to grandstand about sexual predators getting young women pregnant while Planned Parenthood allows them to get secret abortions. Aside from the trio of dummies I think you all should take a bow for your heart, passion and intelligence. Thanks!
That's all I have today except to say "The pedophile protecting king is dead"!!

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