Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gameday, by Casey Mitchell

If the Ducks want to have any shot of making the Natty again, we need to take care of business this weekend in Palo Alto. Even if another National Championship shot isn't in the card this year, this is still a huge game regarding the Pac-12 title and a Rose Bowl appearance. From what I saw last week, it looks like Darron Thomas is getting back into his regular self, but still needs to work out a few kinks. Last week at Washington LMJ had 25 carries for 156 yards, which already put him over the 1000 yard mark for this season. As you all know, Stanford has the best QB in the game in Andrew Luck, but that doesn't mean we can't contain him! So far this season Luck has thrown for 2424 yard with 26 touchdowns and only 5 picks. That's pretty darn good.... Heisman good. But when I was watching him against the Beavs last week, he started out a little shaky and was having a little trouble with his accuracy. I'm telling you, if the Beavers could have gotten some good calls and some breaks to go there way, that ballgame could have went either way. So I think if the Ducks can get it rolling at the beginning, we'll come out with a W. Prediction -- Ducks 34 Stanford 28.

When I turned on Sports Center on Wednesday evening, I was shocked to see that Joe Paterno had been fired. I mean, I knew that there was going to be consequences for what had happened, but I didn't think anything would happen to Jo-Pa. At first I didn't agree with the decision, but then I got to thinking that this incident is something way bigger than sports, and something had to be done. It's just a shame that Paterno's legacy will be tarnished by this horrible chain of events.


Mereimage said...

I miss your radio show, but threads like this remind me that you're a bit out of kilter. I've listened over the years as you have bad mouthed the likes of Michael Vick over abusing dogs, but the Penn State JoPa thing is about abusing human beings. So Jo Pa gets a pass because it only hurt children, but Vick's sins are unforgivable because it hurt dogs? You need your compassion compass checked man.

Steve Tannen said...

To Mereimage...please re-read the blog, it was our guest blogger..scroll down to find my true thoughts or the follow up on Tuesday. I have zero sympathy for Paterno's legacy & hope if he had any inkling of what Sandusky was up to they all end up in jail!

Anonymous said...

Mereimage and All--

It's a fact that Steve has been quite consistent in his condemnation of all involved in the crime(s) and the aftermath and cover-up as well. Anyone who listens to his show knows this.

It should also be noted that Steve has given a High School student (my awesome son) a great opportunity to "guest blog" here. Perhaps the young guest blogger would have been wise to focus on sports, and leave the controversial issues to those with more experience.

I'm not sure how one can arrive at, after reading the blog, that Paterno was given "a free pass". It was stated that some things are bigger than sports, and this surely qualifies.

It IS a shame. A shame that Sandusky, the pedophile, still breathes air. A shame that men stood by and did not stop the crime(s), and therefore potentially aided a criminal in committing crimes against other boys after this happened.

Shame is the proper word. Shameful, that Paterno could let so many down, by his silence. All his former coaches, and players, and their children too. And the fans of sports. Everyone. Most importantly--the victims and their families...

And it is a shame that Paterno's legacy will be tarnished forever. But the shame is well earned and greatly deserved.....

The biggest shame is when men stand by and do nothing. And that appears the case here. Nothing more shameful than that.....

SJ Mitchell