Friday, November 4, 2011

Quackin' Out Loud, by Casey Mitchell

With Oregon's win over WSU last week, the Ducks face a true road test this weekend at Washington. It's going to be a night time game and that Stadium will be hopping with thousands of screaming Husky fans. A lot of people have been talking about the quarterback controversy with Darron Thomas and Bryan Bennet. Listen, my thoughts are that it's possible that Chip wasn't even planning on playing DT the whole game, but Thomas didn't have his best game so he decided to give Bennet some more snaps. Thomas led us to a National Title shot last year, and I think he's our guy. But so far with Bennet, I like what I see for the future. The Huskies have really improved over the last few years, they are 6-2 overall and 5-0 at home. This could really be tough game for the Ducks, but I think In the end, we will prevail. Prediction -- Ducks 48 Huskies 31.
This week in the NFL, Ndamukong Suh met with Roger Goodell to discuss penalties and fines going against him. When I saw this I was thinking that maybe this could be a new thing in the League that could help with the rules. I know that Suh kind of has a reputation as a dirty player, but instead of tweeting how much he hates the rules, he dealt with it like a real man and talked face to face, and I heard it was a successful meeting. I think that all of these rules in the NFL are getting out of hand. Like the whole continuation rule for catching a ball in the end zone. If you catch the ball and have two feet in with full possession, it should be a catch. It should be interesting to see if there are as many late hit calls on Suh in weeks to come

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