Friday, November 25, 2011

Civil War, by Casey Mitchell

The Ducks loss last Saturday is the kind of loss that makes it fun to be a college football fan. It's not like the NFL where you can lose the last 6 games of the season, and still have playoff aspirations. Matt Barkley was looking like Joe Montana, and there were some calls at the end of the game that I disagreed with, but hey, it's hard to question the coaching of Chip Kelly. However, Oregon's season is in no way a lost cause. We have a big Civil War game coming up tomorrow, and if we can get by that, we will be playing for roses in the first ever Pac-12 Championship Game. The Ducks should be able to handle the Beavs for the fourth straight time. This is also the fourth straight Civil War with BCS implications. Oregon State standing at 3-8 overall is considering this game, their bowl game. They haven't beat us since the 2007 season, and they would love to knock us out of the Rose Bowl the way we did to them in 2008. I think that they will hang with us for a quarter or so, but we will pull away with it. Prediction -- Ducks 52 Beavers 27.

I would just like to reiterate that I am a guest blogger, and my thoughts and opinions do not reflect Steve's thoughts or opinions. I think that Joe Paterno deserved the punishments, but it is a shame that this is what he will be remembered for.

On another note, the MLB has slated some new rules to the game. Starting next season, there will be one more Wild Cared team, and they will have a one game playoff to see who advances to the Division Series. Also in 2013, the Houston Astros will be added to the AL West, and interleague will be played everyday like the AFC and NFC do it in football. I like the new rules, I have been waiting for the Astros to move for a while, and I like the idea of another Wild Card team and the one game playoff.

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