Monday, November 14, 2011


Rather than continue to rail against all the Penn State slimebags, I'm just going to take solace knowing their level of humiliation will only grow and get further exposed as this whole nightmare warrants further investigation and reveals more shame!
I've heard from folks who were a tad surprised the Ducks are a 15 point favorite for this USC game. I figured it would be about 12. USC's 2 best games were forcing OT versus Stanford and this past Saturday when they punished the Dawgs. Both were in Troy. Now they come here. Monte Kiffin has been the Trojan defensive coordinator the past 2 years. He's an NFL guy and the Oregon offense has torn him apart. In 2009 it was 613 yards and 47 points in a route. Last season Southern Cal surrendered 599 yards and 53 points. What have you seen that makes you think 2011 will be much different? Me either.
The NBA players union has rejected the latest offer and it's likely the union will next disband. At times it seems I've favored the owners in this dispute but it's not like when I favor the Yankees over the Red Sox. I'm like 51% for the owners and 49% for the players. They both make me puke with their egos and selfish nature, but the owners are dug in. I think the game & league need a financial restructuring. I'll miss the NBA for sure, but with football into college hoops and hockey into baseball, I'll get over it.

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