Monday, November 21, 2011


And then there was one, well 2. LSU and Houston remain the lone unbeatens at the FBS level. The Cougs are 8th in the BCS and need 6 teams to lose in order to qualify for the title game. But once again we learned to take nothing for granted. It's been questioned who suffered to worst loss this weekend, Oklahoma State, Oregon or Oklahoma. Really? It's not obvious that the Cowboys who held fate in their hands was most damaging. The Ducks and Sooners would have needed to play scoreboard or hack a few computers. OSU just had to beat Iowa State, who'd never beaten a team ranked in the top 5 then Oklahoma and pack for the natty.
Really impressed with the Oregon fans I've heard from since the post game and via text and email. With the heartbreaking defeat in the rear view mirror, lot of credit to USC, a solid understanding of all this team has accomplished and still can.
From the it's okay to disagree file, I'm not on board with the lack of timeouts on the fateful drive to end the USC call. Here's my angle. If the game is tied and you have the defense on their heels, maybe just roll. Trailing I take nothing for granted. Time is to be treasured. 2 plays. Both Rahsaan Vaughn and Kenyon Barner made 9 yards meaning the clock continued to run. Gotta call time outs in each of those situations. From my chair. Once again the Civil War has monster implications. Beavs get to play spoiler like the Ducks did in 2008.

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