Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Can't believe how many on a national level are expressing their doubt over the selection of the Tiger's Justin Verlander as AL M.V.P. Aside from bought and paid for politicians, the Baseball Writer's Association of America are the most arrogant, dismissive pickleheads I follow. There is no formula to gauge value. No slide rule or over the top Sabre-metrics. It's freaking baseball not splitting the atom. Without Verlander Detroit falls out of the race early and never gets a whiff of the post season. I love the decision!
Monday night football began with the Jets & Browns back in September of 1970. I can honestly say last night's game between the Patriots & Chiefs cost me the least amount of time ever. I maybe checked in three times. Giants & Saints this coming Monday will warrant my attention.
With the NBA bozos ripping the season away, I may refind my NHL roots. From the early 1970's through my relocating to Eugene in 1990, hockey was well up my list. My buds & I hit the Garden(Rangers), Nassau Colesium(Isles) or then Byrne Arena(Devils) at least 12-15 times a year. Here in the Valley I've switched up passions and those nights on frozen pond have been replaced by various forms of Pac 10/12 action. With no pro hoops, might be time to get on board with the NHL.
We will be taking your legendary Civil War moments the next 2 days on the big programs. Interesting that in the more modern era, Oregon State has not successfully played the role of spoiler. Their big win in 2000 was huge for them as it led to a BCS birth. In 1994, 2001, and last season the Ducks won. Only Oregon has entered the contest with no shot at a conference title or major bowl bid and cost their rival. That was 2008. Food for thought.

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