Thursday, October 27, 2011

It Was In The Cards, by Casey Mitchell

After one of the best Game 6's of all-time, Texas just couldn't hang with the Cardinals. When I was watching Game 6, I was already planning on writing about how the Rangers would be the new World Champions, but once Hamilton hit the 2 run bomb in the top of the 10th I was thinking there was no way that the Cards would be able be able to come back, and the series would be over. It's pretty cool that David Freese, a fan of St. Louis since he was a kid, was able to be the hero once again with his walk off homer. The former Eugene Emerald also set a record with 21 RBI in a single Postseason. I didn't get a chance to watch game 7, because me and my football team were to busy capturing a League Title for the first time since '03. But I saw the highlights, and it seemed that Texas was just demoralized from what happened in Game 6, and Carpenter was straight dealing... Deadly combo for the new World Champions
I guess some people just never learn.... First he gets caught speeding at 118 while smoking weed, then he gives the Ducks a 15 yard penalty before the game even starts, commits a stupid safety, and now he's back to his old speedy ways! Oh Cliff, what are we going to do with you and your antics? Don't get me wrong, I think he is one of our best defensive players, but at some point you just gotta say enough is enough. Chip Kelly tried to cut him some slack, but he could just never get out of Kelly's doghouse. It looks that the saga of Cliff Harris is going to continue all the way from "We goin' to the Natty" to "We smoked it all..."

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