Monday, October 24, 2011


One of my favorite stand up comedy routines is from around 1990, Dennis Leary "No Cure For Cancer". He jokes that the Jackson's are so out of whack as a family they give each other new heads for Christmas. I'll need to know where they do their shopping because mine exploded twice over the weekend. First was on our post game show after Oregon dropped the Buffs. A caller felt it was time for a change at quarterback. Thomas out. Bryan Bennett in. Baboom! Then yesterday the bloggers and comment section supporting Tim Tebow as a top notch NFL quarterback. FYI....each guy, Bennett and Tebow guided their teams to wins over arguably a team who is the worst at that particular level. No question, Colorado is in there with Indiana, Kansas and Boston College as the doormats of those leagues who have a conference title game with the winner gaining a BCS bowl birth. Tebow and the Broncos needed a late TD, onsides kick and 52 yard field goal to keep the crappy Dolphins winless. Bottom line? People are nuts!
This week, don't let anyone tell you Washington State is good. They're improved from a point that they're not an embarassment to division one football. Their lone Pac 12 win is Colorado. The other two victories are against 1 & 5 UNLV and Big Sky doormat Idaho State. The Cougs still stink!
How about Albert Pujols hitting 3 jacks in a Series game the other day? Joins a very petite list with Ruth and Reggie to do that in the Fall Classic. Texas/St. Louis has been great baseball, too bad no one cares. Chris Carpenter throws against CJ Wilson in Game 5 tonight. Wilson was all over the place in the opener with 6 walks in the 3-2 loss. 2 runners who reached via the free pass played a role in the limited scoring. The winner in that game was Carpenter who pretty much made one bad pitch that catcher Mike Napoli cracked for a 2 run homer.

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