Monday, October 3, 2011


Remember the end court scene in "My Cousin Vinny"? Joe Pesci's lawyer character is cross examining the so-called auto expert after his girlfriend(Marisa Tomei) explained how his client's car could not possibly have been the one at the scene of the crime. The expert is reluctant to admit the truth. People just hate copping to being wrong. This, despite it being a sign of strength, not weakness. That Cowerd fella on this station has that problem, especially with Cowboy QB Tony Romo. Keeps defending him despite the fact the guy is 31 and has ONE playoff win. Keeps throwing around excuses like Peyton Manning and Brett Farve have each one just one Super Bowl. Forgets to mention they've both been to another and played in multpile conference title games. It's a completely stupid comparison. Again, Romo is 31! The success comes when?? Romo has pretty much blown 2 game of the 4 he's played this year.
Listening to Dan Patrick this morning. Apparently at Game Day the ESPN goons would not allow a picture of him to be shown on camera at Madison this past Saturday. ESPN has kind of become the snotty high school girls. They act all arrogant and superior, but deep inside those insecurities fester because they know they're not! They'd prefer not to invite the smart, decent looking girls to the party because they know their limited appeal will be exposed. ESPN used to set the standard, but they've lost it! I find their actions borderline embarassing and unprofessional. Plus they shove a cheating sleaze bag like Lou Holtz down our throats!

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