Wednesday, October 19, 2011


From goofballs like Hank Williams Jr playing the Hitler card to the recent rant by Bryant Gumble on HBO, I'm consistently amazed at folks who go to those extremes for attention. So disagreeing with a politician makes him the equal of a psycho mass murderer who was so sure of his virtue he took his own life before facing the music. Gumble pretty much said NBA commissioner David Stern acted like a plantation owner. Obviously that makes the players slaves. I see the similarities. After all, slaves had about the same lifestyle. The NBA MINIMUM salary is 473 thousand dollars a year. If a slave looked at a white woman in an improper manner they'd likely be killed. In 1831 Nat Turner led a slave rebellion. Prior to being hanged, he was skinned alive. I'm curious as to the feelings of people of color on issues like this. Descendants of slaves who had no say in their lives should be up in arms, protesting HBO. I get using vicious or even offending terms, but when called for. Comparisions to the vile and dispicable do not apply here. Very disappointed in Gumble. Of course the biggest laugh is his characterization of Stern as arrogant. Something about a kettle and a tea pot!

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