Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Brett Farve appeared on an Atlanta station and said Packer QB Aaron Rodgers should have won a Super Bowl sooner. Aside from scum like Vick and other felons and lowlifes, I'd have to say Farve has dropped on my scale to as low as it gets. He's nothing more than a sad little boy who craves attention and can barely survive without it. He's obviously jealous and bitter that within a few months of his retirement, he's become completely irrelevant. Rodgers took over after Farve blew the season with a stupid pick versus the Giants in the 2007 playoffs. In 2008, Aaron's 1st season running the show, the Pack had one of the worst defenses in the NFC, giving up more points than anyone in the division. The next season Rodgers took Green Bay to the playoffs rolling up 45 points and throwing for more than 400 yards but the defense got torched at Arizona for 51 points. They won it all the next year. How much of a complete and total moron is Farve? I should also point out that he was on 790 The Zone in Atlanta where you can find a couple of the biggest Vick apologists in the idiots who host that 2 Live Stews show so I shouldn't be totally surprised.
Can you imagine the fine line in sports? AJ Burnett walks the bases loaded in the 1st inning. Gives up a missile into the left centerfield gap that should have scored 3 runs. Curtis Granderson makes an incredible play to keep Detroit off the board. Burnett somehow gets thru nearly 6 innings allowing just a run while the Yanks batter the Tiger staff and win the game. So suddenly AJ is gutty, a gamer? Please. They should cut him today and feel lucky.
I'm going to cause quite a scene in the Autzen press box tomorrow night. I'm hoping the Ducks blow Cal out so I can focus on game 5 from the South Bronx. I assume they get TBS on their cable system?

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