Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm confused about this whole Hank Williams Jr controversy. ESPN pulled his long time Monday Night Football Theme last night because earlier on Fox News Hank compared President Obama to Hitler. Unfortunately in our nation, left versus right trumps right versus wrong. Regardless of your disgust for the current administration(I voted for the prez but am pissed), that connection is disgusting. Regardless of your feelings towards Jewish people, gays, the handicapped or non-Aryans, as Americans how can you justify this? Research reveals about 184-thousand U.S soldiers died in the European theater and Atlantic during World War II. I'm thinking Hitler had a role there. Many of us have relatives(my uncle served in Patton's 3rd Army) who sacrificed. Obviously this doesn't account for those wounded or scarred for life. For the record, those who called Bush/Cheyney similar, hateful, ignorant names were equally pathetic. We are not a nation on the right path and no one side is clean in this mess.
I know it's not exactly lighting up our area, but from that final day of the regular season to what we've witnessed in the 1st round of the playoffs, the baseball has been terrific. Just enough runs and clutch pitching to make most of the games go down to the wire. Pennant Fever, Catch It!
The NBA negotiations have deteriorated to the point where Commissioner David Stern isn't ruling out starting the season late, like 1999. The sad part is no one is even approaching the idea of the season beginning on time. As someone who likes to talk odds, I'm thinking 80-20% against any NBA hoops at all until next Autumn.

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