Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Things happen in sports that just aggravate me. I'm sure you feel the same. Rarely does something just tear your heart out. Tough losses don't count. 2 teams play a million times a day, it's gonna happen. I can't get past this completely unecessary death of Indy Car racer Dan Weldon. Monday morning quarterbacks who have things figured out 24 after the final gun are as annoying and pathetic as it gets. In this case they all deserve a big smack in the head with a tire iron. Officials from the circuit and Las Vegas Motor Speedway should be subject to an all out inquiry. I get the danger these guys face every time they rev it up. I also get they trust various manufacturers and those who run their sport to look out for their safety. I heard NASCAR dominator Jimmie Johnson talk about these open wheel cars hitting 225 mph on that style of oval lending itself to send cars airborne, thus eliminating any semblance of control. Unfortunately we're hearing most of this in the aftermath as a wife with her baby boys aged 2 and 6 months lost the most important person in their lives! I don't know much about racing, but I do know this sucks. I also know if in any way not holding this event at that venue needed more serious consideration then someone needs to be crucified to prevent further horror!

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statefarmboy said...

Well said, Mr. Tannen, well said.