Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So if Cliff Harris has a valid driver's license and updated proof of insurance, why didn't he have a valid driver's license and updated proof of insurance. For those who've contacted me with stories of how everyone does this, I ask...REALLY? Is there a more boring, idiotic defense than the cliche of "if little Johnny jumped off the bridge"? There is a reason we have character issues and cross examinations as part of the legal process. History. Harris has given us no reason to believe anything he says. If he provides the proper documentation, I'll admit my error, but I'm wagering he should not have been behind the wheel. The arrogance of not buckling up is beyond discussion.
Observing the limited information Duck players offer, I'm thinking Chip Kelly would be an equally successful CIA Spy trainer. His specialty would be "Dealing with Interrogation". If caught, his guys would give up nothing and frustrate their captors to the point where THEY surrender information.
So no one showed up at the individual workout Terrell Owens held in California yesterday. Stunning! Over the hill, pain in the neck and coming off major knee surgery and turns 38 on Pearl Harbor Day. If he gets a snap in the NFL ever again, beer & burgers on me!
Who decides the careers fit the bio in my junk mail. Am I really qualified to become an Ultrasound Technician or X-Ray tech? Is my credit so bad that only Premier Bank will consider me for plastic? Truth is my wife and I have a credit rating over 800. Maybe these people need another gig!

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