Monday, December 12, 2011


The focus of the nation has been another Tim Tebow comeback leading the Broncos to victory. If you did not watch most of that game, do me a personal favor and shut up. Tebow lands maybe 3rd on the list of important stories from Sunday's win. Bear defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli leads off as a gutless moron. They ate Tim Terrific up all day then decided to back off and let him throw to open receivers. Next we have a total yutz like Marion Barber. He takes a handoff, on the lead, versus a team with no timeouts left and after things bog down, runs out of bounds. No way to tell if a veteran will place head firmly up butt, but I'll also call out the combo of offensive coordinator Mike Martz & head coach Lovie Smith. Who ever is responsible for decided whether to take a knee or run basic plays. With 2 minutes left it's 2nd down. Taking that knee twice then punting when you incorporate the time it takes to set the ball and the play clock means this. Denver gets the ball at their own 20 at best with maybe 20 seconds left. Because Barber has a football IQ the equal of Ryan Leaf they get triple that amount of time. In a way, this game had nothing to do with the Broncos.
Save that, it was the best Sunday of the season by far. Tune in today and find out why I'm willing to make this statement.
Lot made of the end of the Xavier/Cincy game. What a disgrace. Blind haymakers. Punks. All the stuff that turns people off about college basketball. Tu Holloway, Muskateer senior, said it was because the Bearcats had 'disrespected' them mostly via twitter. WHAT? But causing a black eye for your sport, university and community, that's respectful? Cincinnati's Yancy Gates got a 6 game suspension for cold cocking Xavier's Kenny Frease. Way, way, way too lenient. He misses half the Big East season and the post season if I'm calling the shots. Gutless lowlife!
As far as Ryan Braun, the at least temporarily disgraced NL MVP who popped for performance enhancing drugs, I hope his adamant claim of innocence is accurrate. I don't believe him for one millisecond. The benefit of the doubt ship has long sailed for Major League Baseball players in this situation. Very disappointing.

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