Monday, December 5, 2011


First let me say I have no issue with LSU & Bama vying for the natty. I don't want to hear from Oklahoma State or Stanford in particular. They had their chances, like the Ducks back in 2001 to remove doubt from the debate. Cowboys beat Iowa State or the Cardinal handle Oregon and they're in. Period. Boise State & Houston are the only other 1 loss teams. Under the assumption LSU is the best team in the land, then the Crimson Tide have the most forgivable loss. The system stinks, but it's all we have and under these rules, this is the no brainer battle for the BCS championship.
I'm pleased the Golden Era committee has elected the late Ron Santo to the Hall of Fame. It's a beautiful thing. It also doesn't undo the disgraceful performance of the Baseball Writers who snubbed the Cub 3B for more than 3 decades while inviting less deserving candidates like Jim Rice, Andre Dawson, Bill Mazeroski and a few others. Evaluating Santo takes time and brains which eliminates most self righteous writers. It's similar to evaluating the Oregon defense. When he was hitting 31 or 32 homers he was among the league leaders. The NL in those days had Hall of Fame arms on every staff like Koufax, Marichal, Gibson, Seaver, Steve Carlton or Warren Spahn and they pitched every 4th day. He made 9 all star games and was a 5 time gold glove winner. Led the league in walks 4 times, was 2nd in ribby's 3 times and even led the NL in triples in 1964. You want durable? From 1962 thru and including 1969 he played at least 160 games. Then you throw in his contribution to the game as a Cubbie broadcaster and it's a disgrace it took this long and he won't be around to revel in his deserved adoration!

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