Friday, December 9, 2011

Big Deals, by Casey Mitchell

This is Casey Mitchell, guest blogging for Steve today. When I woke up Thursday morning and turned on the TV, I was shocked to see that Albert Pujols is an Angel, but when I saw the price they got him for, I was left speechless. 254 million over 10 years for someone who is 32 years old (as far as we know). The Cardinals offered him 220 million but once they heard about the Angels offer, they decided that he wasn't worth it. One thing I thought of was how the Giants did the same thing with Bonds a while back, and how they didn't have much money to spend on other guys. Then it comes out that they signed pitcher CJ Wilson from the Rangers, and now it looks like they will be the new favorites in the AL West... When I heard that Chris Paul was going to the Lakers with Gasol to Houston and Lamar Odem along with some other players to the Hornets, it seemed as if this was the biggest trade day in sports. David Stern stopped the deal right in its tracks and rejected the offer. I didn't really get it because it looks like the deal would benefit each team in the deal. The Lakers, Rockets, and Hornets are appealing the decision by Stern. My gut feeling is that the trade will go through and Chris Paul will be a Laker.
Tomorrow, the Heisman Trophy winner will be announced and there is no clear cut winner like there was last season with Cam Newton. Coming into the season, Andrew Luck was the golden boy for the Heisman, but people like Robert Griffen III and Monte Ball have made there case. I think Luck should still come away with it but RG3 and Trent Richardson has definitely made it tough on voters. Griffen won the Davey O' Brian Award for the best quarterback in college football and the Doak Walker went to Alabamas Trent Richardson... One thing is for sure, it will be a close race for college footballs most prestigious honor.

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