Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I love that that Steelers James Harrison has come out in support of...himself. Lays a monster cheap shot on Colt McCoy, gets a game suspension and cries about it. This would be like Billy the Kid arrested robbing a bank and not getting why law enforcement is throwing the book at him. Like with Ryan Braun and the guys who fail drug tests in baseball, the benefit of the doubt no longer exists. The punk patrol like Rasheed Wallace, Harrison and the others never see themselves in an honest light. It's always the refs, the media, some other element at work out to screw them. Here's an idea from the late King of Pop. Start with the man in the mirror!
I forgot to mention how pleased I was the Heisman voters gave the award to Robert Griffin III. 4-thousand yards, hit 72% of his throws, top rated QB in the land, 36 TD's versus just 6 picks and Baylor beat both Texas and Oklahoma. Oh by the way, he also ran for 8 touchdowns.
The MLB Players union is telling us not to rush to judgement on Ryan Braun. Too late! Speaking of a stunner, John Rocker, one of the great bigot scumbags of our time, says he did roids during his time with the Braves. Nah! Never would have guessed such an insightful, under control fellow would partake in such an activity. The hysterical catch? He's trying to sell a book. He did say one thing I agree with. He'd like to have the current Rocker(37 yrs old), go back and punch the 23 year old Rocker. Better idea. Let's hold a raffle and all the winners get to punch Rocker in the face! Sounds fun.

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