Thursday, December 15, 2011


Just read the Blazers landed free agent 2 guard Jamal Crawford. You always like your team dipping into the talent pool to upgrade the quality of the franchise, but I wonder. Has Portland taken up residence in NBA purgatory? No way this team wins 30 or less games to land in the lottery but do you seriously consider them a viable threat to even make the West Finals or win a round in the playoffs? FYI...that hasn't happened since they sent Utah packing in 5 games prior to losing the Western Conference Finals in 7 to LA in 2000. It's tough to tell a passionate fan base we're throwing in the towel and rebuilding, but is the goal to win an NBA title or not?
I'm hearing a ton of polls and analysis over the Chris Paul to the Clippers move and does it shift the power in the city of LA? It's possible the Clips could finish high
er in the standings, but you truly throwing down your cash on one of the most laughable franchises in the history of professional American sports? Blake Griffin looks terrific but has won nothing, and I realize his opportunity has been one year. I like Paul's game but after 6 full seasons in the league, he's advanced past the first round of the playoffs once. Great that the "other" LA team is generating excitement and tickets are getting sold by the bushel, but I'm taking a wait and see if that's okay?
I did not watch, but saw the preview of Barbara Walters interviews with the 10 most intriguing people of 2011. I love DJ, but how did Derek Jeter land on that list?? 1st Yankee to 3-thousand hits? Then of course "The Kardashians" to prove the nature of this farce and put the fast plummeting IQ and taste of America on display.

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