Thursday, December 8, 2011


Was watching Monday Night Football exactly 31 years ago this evening at our family home in Wayne, New Jersey. Was sitting on my parents bed with my dad catching the action between the Dolphins and Patriots. As rivals of the Jets, this was a pretty big game in the AFC East race even though New York stunk. Remember, on the East Coast the game began at 9pm so this was now getting into the late night hours. My sister, 15 years old at the time, used to sleep with her clock/radio on and our favorite music station, WPLJ on low. She came into where we were kind of bleary eyed and said something that made no sense. John Lennon had been shot. What? Why? In 1980 we'd seen the assassination of Kennedy, one of Manson's crackpots, Squeaky Fromme had taken a shot at President Ford but those horrors seemed a part of the political scene. Lennon was the man who preached peace. Then coming out of a break, Howard Cosell informed America of the horror that took place outside Lennon's residence, The Dakota in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Some lowlife wanna be loser with the traditional 3 name moniker took his life. Gotta admit 31 years later, my anger remains. RIP John!

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