Wednesday, December 14, 2011


You hear owners, GM's and others in a position of authority use the phrase "back to square one". Believe me, it never follows a run to the finals or a championship. It's always on the heels of a major disaster related to taking a step back. If in fact the Trailblazers are trading Gerald Wallace they land at the proverbial square one. It's staggering to think a couple weeks back when the lockout was settled we talked Blazers on the show. The consensus was if a few pieces fell into place with no true power in the West, there existed many reasons for optimism. Then Brandon Roy retired, Greg Oden suffered his annual setback, LeMarcus Aldridge was diagnosed with a heart problem and now this. A three team deal that would force the departure of Wallace brings 2 first round draft picks and frees up much cap room for a pretty solid free agent crop following this season. The harsh reality is Portland is now locked in NBA hell. They have no chance of contending for a title and look too strong to be a lottery team. I really like GW but it's time to accept facts and try to build the ultimate winner.
Reports have surfaced that Arizona State has hired Todd Graham of Pitt to be their new football coach. Matt Hinton who blogs for Yahoo! says he informed the Panthers of his decision to leave via text message. Can't wait to share his history and credibility on the big programs later today. What a bozo!

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